Microvolunteer (England)

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Microvolunteering is perfect for busy people who’d like to get involved and help the RSPCA, but don’t have much time to give. You’ll be helping us by carrying out quick activities when you get a few moments to spare that make a big difference to animal welfare.

Please be aware that this is not a hands on role and there will be no interaction with any animals.

A great benefit of Microvolunteering is that you can do it at anytime or anywhere. Digital volunteering could be done on the bus when traveling to work, or whilst you are waiting to pick the kids up from school. Even the smallest actions can make a big positive difference to the welfare of animals.

Our volunteer support team will invite you to help when we have new activities you can get involved in. You’ll get three or four microvolunteering activities a month, and tasks generally won’t take more than 5 minutes to complete. You’ll also have access to our online volunteering community Assemble where you can keep upto date with news about the RSPCA and get involved in other national or local volunteering opportunities.

Work Experience: We welcome students using Microvolunteering as a way to gain work experience. Given the 'light touch' nature of the role we cannot provide feedback or complete work experience forms. Feel free to download evidence of the tasks you have completed by logging into the activities section Assemble account and print the results.