Branch Treasurer (Based in Altrincham, Hale, Sale, Knutsford, or Northwich)

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Overview of the Branch Treasurer opportunity

We are looking for someone to volunteer as a Branch Treasurer for our Cheshire Altrincham Branch. This role would play a vital role in supporting the Branches affairs so that it is governed and managed effectively, whilst continually having animal welfare at the forefront of their mind.

As a minimum, trustees would generally attend a monthly committee meeting lasting some 2 to 3 hours. However, the commitment may vary depending on whether the trustee takes on additional duties.

About the RSPCA

Founded in 1824, we have been saving animals for almost 200 years and are proud to be the oldest welfare charity around. It has always been our vision to live in a world where all animals are respected and treated with compassion, so our volunteers and employees work tirelessly to ensure that all animals can live free from pain and suffering.

Through our numerous campaigns, we seek to raise standards of care and awareness of issues affecting animals today. We rely heavily on our volunteers, who play a significant role in enabling us to carry out this important animal welfare work every day!

The RSPCA Cheshire Altrincham Branch

The Cheshire Altrincham Branch is one of the branches of RSPCA, but we are also a separately registered charity looking after animals in our local area. Much of the animal welfare work of RSPCA is carried out through local branches, which is run by volunteers who have the support of the National Society of RSPCA.

Primary responsibilities of the Branch Treasurer

  • Implement and maintain sound financial systems.
  • Take a lead role in ensuring the committee set annual financial budgets and plan the branch income and expenditure.
  • Provide a written financial report for every branch meeting.
  • Liaise with auditors/independent examiners regarding the production of the annual branch accounts and treasurer’s report.
  • Maintain control of all bank accounts as authorised by the committee.
  • Execute and operate branch committee financial decisions and act as branch co-signatory.
  • Maintain control over all branch paying-in books and receipt books and to ensure their correct use.
  • In the absence of a branch box secretary, to assume responsibility for the branch network of collection boxes.
  • Arrange payment of the annual branch contribution to the appropriate RSPCA fund.
  • Coordinate financial control of all branch fundraising activities.
  • Make quarterly VAT returns to headquarters promptly.
  • Ensure the production, monitoring and annual review of the branch’s financial risk management strategy following the charity commission’s requirements.
  • Liaise with branch officers, Branch Partnership Managers and Branch finance coordinator on Financial affairs as necessary and alert them immediately to any possible difficulties or irregularities.
  • Ensure the retention and safekeeping of all branch financial documentation for the appropriate time as set by the charity commission.

Core Branch Trustee responsibilities

  • Appreciate and support the aims and policies of the RSPCA.
  • Work in conjunction with fellow trustees and branch officers and jointly act in making decisions for the best interest of the branch and the RSPCA.
  • Work with national RSPCA staff to ensure that the branch meets all minimum animal welfare standards (MAWS).
  • In conjunction with your fellow trustees and Branch Partnership Manager, write, adopt, monitor, and review a development plan setting out your branch's short and long-term aims.
  • Actively participate in branch committee meetings and attend the branch annual general meeting and regional conference.
  • Be aware of the outcome of regional board meetings and support local initiatives.
  • Actively promote and advertise the society in an ongoing programme to recruit new branch trustees and volunteers and welcome new members.
  • In conjunction with your fellow trustees, ensure the proper management and control of all activities and decisions relating to any premises held or staff employed by the branch if applicable.

What we are looking for in a volunteer:

  • We are particularly looking for someone who has knowledge and experience in finance, who may already understand charity finance.
  • As a trustee, you would be able to dedicate the time to attend monthly committee meetings, which last approximately 3 hours.
  • There will be additional volunteer duties between meetings, such as; providing financial reports at committee meetings, monitoring the budget that the trustees have set for the year, processing payments, querying invoices, VAT returns, and processing Gift Aid claims.

What we can offer you as a volunteer Branch Treasurer

  • We will provide you with a comprehensive trustee training course which will provide you will everything you need to carry out the role.
  • Ongoing support is also provided by local and national RSPCA staff and any additional training provided by the relevant branch.
  • The platform to utilise your skills and experience to oversee the charity and make decisions that directly impact local animal welfare.
  • The opportunity to gain new skills and develop existing ones, whilst making a real difference to the lives of animals.
  • A way to expand your professional and personal network through working with like-minded people.

Practical considerations

  • To become a Trustee, you will need to be aged 18 or over and a member of our branch for three months before you are eligible to be elected.
  • Trustees are elected for a 12-month term each year.
  • Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Trustees must sign a Trustee Declaration of Willingness to Act to clarify that they are not disqualified from being a trustee and read the Charity Commission’s guidance for individuals on who cannot be a trustee or senior manager of a charity.
  • References will also be required.

How to find out more about being a Branch Trustee

For more information on becoming a Charity Trustee and to make sure it is the right decision for you, we recommend visiting:

There is some information on the RSPCA website about Branch Trustees, and we have an online session about Becoming a Branch Trustee, which should hopefully give you more of an idea of what the RSPCA Branch Trustee role will involve.

We hope you are interested in volunteering for our branch! For more information and to apply and for an application form, please contact Julia Tucker on 01612 862503 or