Great British Spring Clean (Nationwide)

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Join us in the Great British Spring Clean 2022 and be part of The Big Bag Challenge. Between 2020 and 2021 we received almost 8,000 calls over a two year period, about animals injured or caught up in litter. That's an average of 11 incidents per day and that's only the ones we know about.

This is why our involvement in the Great British Spring Clean is so important to raise awareness about litter's impact on our environment, ecosystems, and wildlife especially.

Why should you join us to Keep Britain Tidy

Our inspectors on the frontline are regularly responding to wildlife emergencies and are rarely surprised by the entanglements and litter traps they release our wildlife from.

We rely on the eyes and ears of the general public, but so many will go unseen and the only way the suffering will stop is if we're more mindful about our litter and how we dispose of it.

Our plea to prevent animals from suffering is simply to join us in the Great British Spring Clean and to help us Keep Britain Tidy.

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