Branch Trustee- Animal Welfare Lead (Hertfordshire)

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Overview of the Opportunity

We are specifically looking for individuals with a specialism in animal welfare, for example, those with experience in, animal rescue, animal care, the veterinary industry, veterinary nursing, or as an animal behaviourist.

Using this expertise as well as other skills, as a Branch Trustee, you will influence how we care for and prevent cruelty to animals and drive the implementation of key initiatives.

As a minimum, trustees would normally be expected to attend a monthly committee meeting lasting some 2 to 3 hours. However, the commitment may vary depending on whether the trustee takes on additional duties and we anticipate that this would be between 1-3 hours per week.

About the RSPCA Hertfordshire East Branch

Our Branch is its own registered charity with our own charity number and works to support the main objectives of the RSPCA. We rely purely on donations, local fundraising and legacies to support our work with animal welfare in our branch area.

We have one charity shop and rehome animals from a local private boarding establishment.

Primary responsibilities of the Branch Trustee – Animal Welfare Lead

  • Act as branch specialist to compliance animal welfare across the branch.
  • Act as lead of animal welfare for the branch dealing with enquiries mail/phone.
  • Creation and maintenance of any branch specific animal welfare standards.
  • Ensure branch trustees are kept informed of any events of note, including requests for extraordinary expenditure or decisions as and when they happen.
  • Lead and organise animal welfare branch sub-committee.
  • Provide written animal welfare report for every branch meeting.
  • Maintain control of all veterinary and other animal services provided to the branch.
  • Maintain control of animal welfare vouchering schemes.
  • Creation and contribution to the animal welfare promotional materials.
  • Act as second reviewer for adoptors and fosterers.
  • Act as main contact for RSPCA Inspectors, vets, boarding facilities.
  • Creation and contributor to branch communications.
  • Compliance with Data Protection Act 2018.
  • Submission of the RSPCA Reports as required.

Core Branch Trustee responsibilities

  • Appreciate and support the aims and policies of the RSPCA.
  • Work in conjunction with fellow trustees and branch officers and jointly act in making decisions for the best interest of the branch and the RSPCA.
  • Work with national RSPCA staff to ensure that the branch meets all minimum animal welfare standards (MAWS).
  • In conjunction with your fellow trustees and Branch Support Specialist write, adopt, monitor, and review a development plan setting out the short and long term aims of your branch.
  • Actively participate in branch committee meetings and to attend the branch annual general meeting and regional conference.
  • Be aware of the outcome of regional board meetings and support regional initiatives.
  • Actively promote and advertise the society in an ongoing programme to recruit new branch trustees and volunteers and welcome new members.
  • In conjunction with your fellow trustees, ensure the proper management and control of all activities and decisions relating to any premises held or staff employed by the branch if applicable.

What we are looking for

Above all, we are looking for someone who is committed to the RSPCA’s charitable objectives, shares our passion for and knowledge of animal welfare, and who can put ideas into action.

You will need to be able to work with people and have good interpersonal skills. You do not need to be an expert although commitment, common sense and the ability to be objective are vital.

What we can offer you as a volunteer Branch Trustee

  • We will provide you with a comprehensive trustee training course which will provide you will everything you need to carry out the role.
  • Ongoing support is also provided by regional and national RSPCA staff in addition to any additional training provided by the relevant branch.
  • The platform to utilise your skills and experience to oversee the charity and make decisions that have a direct impact on local animal welfare.
  • The opportunity to gain new skills and develop existing ones, whilst making a real difference to the lives of animals.
  • A way to expand your professional and personal network through working with like-minded people.

Practical considerations

  • Please also note that to become a Trustee, you will need to be aged 18 or over and a member of our branch for three months before you are eligible to be elected.
  • Trustees are elected for a 12-month term each year.
  • Reasonable expenses will be reimbursed.
  • Trustees must sign a Trustee Declaration of Willingness to Act to clarify that they are not disqualified from being a trustee, and read the Charity Commission’s guidance for individuals on who can’t be a trustee or senior manager of a charity.
  • References will also be required.

How to find out more about being a Branch Trustee

For more information on becoming a Charity Trustee, and to ensure it’s the right decision for you, we recommend visiting:

There is some information on the RSPCA website about Branch Trustees, and we have an online session about Becoming a Branch Trustee, which should hopefully give you more of an idea of what the RSPCA Branch Trustee role will involve.

If you are interested please contact us via email;