RSPCA Wildlife Friends

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We're thrilled that you are joining others in being inspired by our wildlife friendly garden at RHS Chelsea Flower Show. Last year the RSPCA was alerted to over 83,000 incidents involving Wildlife. Sadly many of the incidents reported to us could have been prevented. As an RSPCA Wildlife Friend you can help us spread our messages to the public about what to do if you find sick or injured wildlife where you live and what everyone can do to prevent injuries in the first place. You can also take action yourself by following our tips to create habitats and environments where wildlife can thrive and be protected from harm.

Please note: the minimum age for this role is 16

We’ll provide you with all the guidance you need to carry out activities to help wildlife at home and in your community. You can do these activities wherever you live, you don’t need a garden, backyard or balcony, you can also carry out good deeds for wildlife in communal or public spaces and get friends, family and neighbours involved too. There’s also plenty of activities you can do from your sofa. Even the smallest actions can have a positive impact on wildlife.

The activities will be updated regularly and change depending on the season, so there will always be something new you can do. You’ll have access to our team of wildlife experts who will share their knowledge and passion for wildlife with you.

All you need to join is a smartphone, tablet or computer, a little bit of spare time and lots of enthusiasm. Come and join us and others like you with a keen interest in wildlife and the environment, and together we can make a difference.